Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sneak Peek: Anita Quansah

We are in absolute AWE of jewellery designer Anita Quansah. 

And so imagine our excitement when Anita posted this image of a work-in-progress neck piece which incorporates African Print: 

Anita Quansah wearing a new piece - iloveankara.blogspot.co.uk
Anita Quansah EXCLUSIVE!

Ankara love AMPLIFIED!!!

How cute is Anita's down to earth pic of her trying the piece on? Or as she put it "Taking a break from making a feather neck piece and decided to have fun and use it as a headpiece."
Anita continued: "I have used a bit of print in this latest piece. Still work in progress. So far it has taken 210 hours to make, and yet its not complete :)"

Hang in there Anita - we can't wait to see the completed piece!

PS- More Ankara print please! J

Anita Quansah London - iloveankara.blogspot.co.uk
Some of our favourite Anita Quansah pieces

Alicia Keys Christie Brown and Anita Quansah - iloveankara.blogspot.co.uk
Alicia Keys wearing Christie Brown and Anita Quansah

See more of Anita's work on her website here or check out Anita Quansah on Facebook

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