Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Imagine: Coca Cola Ankara Style!

Earlier on this year, The Coca-Cola company released two new artistic diet coke bottle designs by Jean Paul Gaultier - a homage to his famous perfume bottles.

Jean Paul Gaultier Diet coke bottle - iloveankara.blogspot.co.uk
©Coca Cola 
More recently, JPG teamed up with Daisy Lowe and the latest bottle in the series entitled 'Tattoo' was also unveiled!

Jean Paul Gaultier Daisy Lowe Diet coke bottle - iloveankara.blogspot.co.uk
Image © Rex Features - The new 'Tattoo' bottle and Model Daisy Lowe
who had the tattoo image projected unto her for the campaign!

This made us wonder...

...what would a Coca Cola bottle look like Ankara Style? 

And so true to ILA form, we came up with a kente print version of our own!


African Print Ankara Kente Coca Cola bottle - iloveankara.blogspot.co.uk
Coca Cola in our dreams!

Coca Cola Ankara fizz! Ya like? 

Please note: Coke is a registered trademark of The Coca-Cola Company in the United States since March 27, 1944. This is just our interpretation of our ideal Coca Cola bottle and is in no way intended as an official image of the company. Dear Coca Cola Co. WE LOVE YOU!!! (Please don't sue us! Thanks! :D)

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