Tuesday, 14 August 2012

em-BODY Part 1: Waist Secrets with Renee Q

"75% of women we surveyed said professional achievements make them feel better about their body"


"69% of girls in one study said that magazine models influence their idea of the perfect body shape"


"80% of women are dissatisfied with their appearance"


The reason why most of us women are unhappy with our bodies and how we look is because very few of us take time out to understand our body shapes and what clothes and styles best suit us. In fashion, it is very important to understand your body and what works best for you. em-BODY your true fashion calling by loving every inch of yourself and freely allow yourself to be fabulously risk-AY!

ILA Tip: Know your body shape!

The key to a good outfit is understanding how different colours, prints, stripes and patterns can help crate the perfect silhouette on your body when correctly put together. Adding a simple waist belt or wearing a cropped jacket can really break up a long shapeless figure and create a waist line, enhancing and giving you a more visible, sexier feminine shape.

Check out a few of our favourite fashionable, figure enhancing miracles:


ILA's em-BODY celebrity influence: THE QUEEN...
Queen Latifah that is!

Queen Latifah em-BODYs

Queen Latifah with her perfume

Cinched in at the waist
Gotta love that waist belt trick!

Whether she's basked in black, bold in blue or radiant in red, Queen Latifah always knows how to dress her rounded figure.

ILA's em-BODY print designer of choice: Renee Q

This stunning collection of African Print waist belts from Renee Q will definitely help enhance your beautiful feminine curves:

Renee Q collage - iLoveAnkara
Renee Q

Renee Q - order code L06

Renee Q - order code L09

Renee Q - order code L10

Renee Q - order code L10
Why not try the wast belt trick today?

Check out more from Renee Q now and look out for em-BODY part 2!


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