Friday, 28 September 2012

DIY: Vlisco

Continuing on with the DIY theme, did you know that you can craft your own bomber jacket with premium African fabric and a sewing pattern from Vlisco?!
Vlisco Bomber Jackets -
Oo oo  we'll have the second from the left please!!!

Vlisco Bomber Jacket -

Vlisco Bomber Jacket detailing -
Notice the Vlisco logo
detailing on the small silver tag?
"Are you inspired by these stunning bomber jackets? And are your fingers itching to start creating your own fashion piece? Then now's your chance! With every purchase made in the Vlisco eShop during the period from 25 September 2012 up to and including 29 October 2012, you will receive an original Vlisco pattern of the bomber jacket."
Vlisco, 2012

Vlisco Bomber Jacket pattern -
Vlisco Bomber Jacket pattern - scissors and pins -

Check out the rest of Vlisco's pattern slide show at

Images ©Vlisco 2012

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