Thursday, 25 October 2012

Best of the bunch ft. Adèle Dejak

We have decided to pay homage to Adèle Dejak whose line is comprised of handmade fashion accessories for the modern, sophisticated and multidimensional woman. Inspired by African shapes, textures and traditional techniques, her cutting-edge pieces sit perfectly between artefact and high fashion statement designs. Sit back and enjoy the best of four collections that she has designed, put into look books and categorised accordingly.

Adele Dejak -
Adèle Dejak - the brains behind the design

1. Rogo Collection 2012

The images for this collection of jewellery and bags was inspired by Adele's trip to Kampala. The visit to the Ggaba - a vibrant colourful fish market - was the inspiration behind the artistic marrying of the fashion genius and the artistic creativity:

Adele Dejak Rogo 1 -

Adele Dejak Rogo 2 -

Adele Dejak Rogo 3 -

Adele Dejak Rogo 4 -

Adele Dejak Rogo 5 -

Adele Dejak Rogo 6 -

Adele Dejak Rogo 7 -

Adele Dejak Rogo 8 -

Adele Dejak Rogo 9 -

2. Tribal Chic 2012

This jewellery collection was inspired by sheer Tribal elegance - no gimmicks  no fancy stuff just the pieces doing the talking:

Adele Dejak Tribal Chic 1 -

Adele Dejak Tribal Chic 2 -

Adele Dejak Tribal Chic 3 -

Adele Dejak Tribal Chic 4 -

Adele Dejak Tribal Chic 5 -

Adele Dejak Tribal Chic 6 -

Adele Dejak Tribal Chic 7 -

3. Afri-Love Collection

A beautiful bag collection which needs no introduction:

Adele Dejak Afri Love 1 -

Adele Dejak Afri Love 2 -

Adele Dejak Afri Love 3 -

Adele Dejak Afri Love 4 -

4. Paradise Lost

A little touch of accessory heaven...prepare to get lost:

Adele Dejak Paradise Lost 1 -

 Adele Dejak Paradise Lost 2 -

Adele Dejak Paradise Lost 3 -

Adele Dejak Paradise Lost 4 -

Adele Dejak Paradise Lost 5 -

We're not surprised to hear that these pieces are created in the heart of the equator because these designs are H.O.T.T!!  To get the best of the bunch shop Adèle Dejak.

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