Monday, 18 February 2013

Anita Quansah: The curator of Afro-Opulence

We just love the beginning of the fashion year - with it comes fashion weeks worldwide, new seasons, new talent and new designs. It also means brand new ILA fashion finds and updates on featured designers who have made it through to another season.

First on the ILA update line up is Anita Quansah. A few months ago, we documented a work-in-progress African Print bib necklace by the curator - the first of it's kind from the designer.
Anita Quansah work-in-progress -

Painstakingly created over days, weeks and sometimes even months, each Anita Quansah piece demands a premium price...and quite rightly so.

Take a look at the detail on these beautiful Ankara creations:

Anita Quansah neck piece -
Beautiful beading on the finished piece

Anita Quansah african print neck piece -
Each piece features intricate beading produced by hand!

Anita Quansah african fabric collar piece -
Embellished collar neck piece

Anita Quansah african fabric collar piece -
Coupled with another piece from
the Anita Quansah collection
Anita Quansah african fabric Victorian piece -
Victorian style neck piece with African print fringing 

Anita Quansah african fabric Victorian piece close up -
Close up
Work-in-progess updates made by Anita herself have been posted on the Anita Quansah Facebook fan page. Here's what she had to say about her latest work:

"Inside designers work process

For the latest neck pieces and collars, I've played with lots of embellishments and colours. Contrasting intricate beading with prints to create that ultimate statement collar. I have carefully picked out colours that compliment the neck piece...Styling Tip: Wear over t-shirts, dresses and even jackets and coats."
- Anita Quansah

We can't wait for more of what the Anita Quansah line has to offer in 2013!


  1. I am absolutely fascinated by these works of art. I would especially like to purchase the embellished collar neck piece coupled with another look from the Anita Quansah collection. I visited the website, but was unable to find the two pieces, please advise on how to locate.

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