Monday, 10 September 2012

Ankara's Secret: Aya Morrison & Adama Paris

Lights on lights off...never be too afraid to show what you have, every girl has a secret just make yours an ankara-secret!

Don't limit the colour to just what people can see, even in the bedroom colourful secrets are needed to keep things hot and spicy.

Ann Summers -
Ann Summers says "shh keep it a secret"

ILA TIP: Instead of wearing the same old black matching bra and pants when choosing lingerie and saucy intimates, colours and prints can create illusions, enhancing and complimenting
your natural feminine curves. Try being a bit more colour premiscuous, cheating on your black lace french knickers with a colourful print thong...we wont tell, if you dont! 

Check out our favourite Ann Summers intimate beauts:

Ankara's secret -

ILA CHALLENGE: It's time to change up date night! Forget long walks and cinema trips. Yes, all that's sweet but oh so routine. Keep the spark between you and the boo by giving him a private fashion show. Here's a theme to try...JUNGLE EXPLOSIVE. With help from Ann summers and Victoria's Secrets get inspired, get fierce.

Ankara's secret -
1. Ann Summers
2. Ann Summers
3. Victoria's Secret - Angels Lace Thong
4. Victoria's Secret - Demi Bra
Ok so when staying indoors gets boring and you have revealed every little secret, it's time to take it to the beach. ILA's go to designer's for everything intimately ankara are Aya Morrison and  Adama Paris. They capture everything we love, using fun vibrant prints to capture the essence of every woman's inner goddess. Unleash the secret with Aya Morrison & Adama Paris.

Feast your eyes on some of our Aya Morrison favourites from her Fiji Collection:

Aya Morrison -

Aya Morrison -

Aya Morrison -

Aya Morrison -

Aya Morrison -
Accessorise with this beach bag
Check out some of our favourite pieces by Adama Paris from her Afrobikini collection:

Adama Paris -

Adama Paris -

 Remember all this is a secret so SHHH...we never mentioned it! 

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