Monday, 7 January 2013

Af-Ccessory of the day: L'Oreal and Jewel by Lisa!

Pucker up because there's a new ankara heavyweight in town!

Jewel by Lisa ended 2012 on a high by releasing its Spring/Summer 2013 collection and a preview of this:
Jewel By lisa L'Oreal Lipstick and nail polish -
Jewel by Lisa for L'Oreal 
That's right, it's a double wammy with not just one but two treats - a neutral lip colour and nail polish in the most perfect shade of 'goes with everything' red that a girl could wish for. Shame it's only available in Italy! Still, it's good to see Italia embracing the African influence in the most unique form that we've seen yet. 


Ankara beauty...because you're worth it!!!

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