Monday, 6 August 2012

Make It Rain

Don't you just hate how the weather affects your mood? There's nothing worse than hearing the weather man say "The forecast for today is clouds followed by torrential rain with a risk of flooding. Weather warnings have been issued!" #Sadtimes

That is unless you have the perfect umbrella to stay dry in the wet of course...

The sun may be shining in some places but if raindrops keep falling on your head, check out this Bangli Jangli ankara umbrella!

Here's Bangli Jangli's take on it:

"An umbrella was a must have stylish accessory in vintage times. This was carried around by 

ladies, come rain or sunshine. The umbrella has since become modernized and is less of a 

fashionable accessory and more of a practical contraption. It has been quietly resting in 

monotone colors, plastics, tube shaped handles etc. 

Bangili Jangili are bringing back the brolly with their Classic Mwavuli; an afrocentric flavour 

with a retro twist. It is colorful, chic and comes in all sorts of fabulous African prints and dyes. 

Get ready to own this very essential statement making piece."

This brolly is sure to turn those downpours into bright spells and your dark clouds into sunshine!

This has to be the ultimate outdoor African print accessory - we give it 10/10!

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