Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Ituen Basi - Pioneers of African print jewellery and accessories?

With African print jewellery and accessories becoming the latest fashion craze, some of you may have wondered who started it? Who did it first? 

Probably one of the earliest pioneers of the trend is the Ituen Basi. Hailing from Nigeria, their Signature necklace and Oghogo hoop earrings and bangles were  produced for their Ankara & Beads collection back in 2009.
Ituen Basi beads and bangles

Ituen Basi hoops

 Check out their Oghogho bangles; Nkoyo purse and Emeka footwear from their 2011 Independence collection. 

Ituen Basi accessories

They even went as far as making african print bike helmets which featured in their 2011 runway shows and Autumn/Winter look book. 
Ituen Basi helmets

Ituen Basi helmet

Their earrings are just £7.50 but with the main focus being on 'the detail' (as their 'It's in the detail' slogan says) the quality of the Ituen Basi pieces allow them to command a high price with beads starting from £30.

Ituen Basi beads

With pieces from way back in 2009, we think Ituen Basi were the first when it comes to African print jewellery and accessories...do you agree?

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